Winter Legislative Conference 2017

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

8:30-10:00 am   1a. Capital Insight: An Inside Look at Texas Politics and the Impact on Your Future
2017 is the start of a political process that will have significant impact on your business….the Texas Legislative session.  The 140 days that follow will consist of legislative discussions that include reimbursement, policy and regulatory issues that will affect your ability to operate in 2017 and beyond.  First: The Center for Public Policy Priorities and the Texas Public Policy Foundation will square off on Medicaid block grants. Second: a panel of legislators that includes, Representative Four Price, Chairman Richard Raymond, Senator Juan “Chewy” Hinojosa and a Freshman Legislator will conduct a legislative panel discussion on what to expect this legislative session.  Last: your TAHC&H lobbyists and Executive Director will guide you through the currently filed bills, legislative strategy and talking points you can take on your March on the Capitol for Wednesday afternoon.  Experience the empowerment of knowledge and use the knowledge gained to improve your home care business and take your important message directly to Texas Legislators.   Speakers:  Representative Four Price invited and Representative Richard Raymond; Key Senator’s from Senate HHS committee invited, Anne Dunkelberg, Associate Director for the Center for Public Policy Priorities; Dr. Deane Waldman, MD MBA, Texas Public Policy Foundation Director for the Center for Healthcare Policy; Rachel Hammon, TAHC&H Executive Director, Heather Vasek and Ted Delisi from Delisi Communications. (1.5 clock hours HCSSA Administrators/Alternates)

10:15-11:45 am  1b. The New Political Realities of 2017 – Impact of the November Election on Home Health and Hospice
The November election results present many new realities, opportunities and challenges for home care and hospice agencies. The first 100 days of the new Administration will be of particular importance.  Attend this session to learn about how the new Administration, the U.S. House and the U.S. Senate could affect your home and hospice care businesses. During this session receive insight on the potential timeline for repealing and replacing the Affordable Care act of 2010 and what is really achievable vs. aspirational.  Learn what TAHC&H has done to position the Texas home care industry in the center of the discussion and the Association priorities for the 115th congress that are critical to your daily operations.  Hear from the leading DC lobby firm in a panel discussion format, about what to expect in the new year!  Speakers, Hans Rickhoff  and former Congressman Tom Loeffler (R-TX) from Akin Gump, Rachel Hammon, Executive Director, Moderator.  (1.5 clock hours Administrator/Alternates)


Thursday, February 9, 2017

8:30-9:30 am      General Session 2a. Results and Insights from the National Home Care and Hospice State of the Industry Study
This dynamic and highly engaging program presents the results and insights from the 2016 – 2017 National Home Care and Hospice State of the Industry Study.  The fourth biannual research project of its kind, it is by far the broadest and most comprehensive.  This program, designed for Home Care, Hospice, Private Duty and Medicaid providers, includes everything from the present and future use of IT, telehealth technologies, Electronic Health Records and OASIS scrubbers -- to best practices in operational and clinical processes.  It includes insights into what agencies are doing with Value-Based Purchasing, the growth of outsourcing, and it tells us what successful agencies report as their top needs.  Additionally, it includes trend analysis from studies done in the past eight years.  Better yet, the results show what practices and technologies you can use to attain higher profitability and higher quality.  Speaker: Tim Ashe, RN, MS, MBA, Partner, Fazzi Associates (1.5 clock hours HCSSA 

10:00-11:30 am  Concurrent Sessions: 

3a. Home Health Pre-Claim Review Documentation Requirements (Palmetto GBA)
Do not miss this opportunity to see the CLINICAL side of Pre- Claim Review (PCR) including documentation examples straight from Palmetto GBA. Join Palmetto GBA in this second round of Pre-Claim Review workshops which will focus on the clinical aspect of the PCR process and go into detail on what the Palmetto GBA nurse reviewers are looking for as you begin to submit for PCR.  Being prepared and ready is key to your future success and survival. This workshop will provide actual clinical examples of documentation Palmetto GBA reviews and how to ensure your requests are affirmed.  You will also have time to ask specific questions to the Palmetto GBA clinical and billing staff.   Don't miss out!  Speakers: Tracy Stroman, Sr. Provider Education Consultant, Provider Outreach and Education (POE), Palmetto GBA; Krisdee Foster,  Senior Provider Relations Representative, Palmetto GBA. (1.5 contact hours continuing education for nurses; 1.5 clock hours HCSSA Administrators/Alternates)

3b. Moving from Facts to Action to Change
The National Home Care and Hospice State of the Industry Study results provide critical information and insights for agency leaders. The next step is to transform insight into strategy and strategy into action -- the right actions to improve agency operations and become more competitive.  This session will illuminate the path that agency leaders can take to drive real change in organizational structure and operational processes by using key tools from the fields of Lean Management and Six Sigma change. It includes unique insights on how to address significant operational challenges including Value-Based Purchasing, the STAR rating Program, reducing operating cost, increasing profitability, lowering rehospitalization, retaining staff and issues that are at the core of every agency’s competitive position.  Expect to learn, be challenged, be excited, and most of all, be positioned to aggressively move forward to shape your future. Speaker: Tim Ashe, Partner, Director of Operational Consulting, Fazzi Associates. (1.5 clock hours HCSSA Administrators/Alternates)

3c. Tips and Tools for Achieving & Monitoring Person Centered Habilitation Goals
Individuals being served in STAR+PLUS, STAR Health and STAR Kids programs choose Providers and Habilitation attendants that have the experience and qualifications to help them reach their chosen goals. Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and related conditions want to live meaningful lives in the community and enjoy celebrating successes of reaching their desired person-centered goals. Community First Choice (CFC) Providers and Habilitation Attendants must be equipped to deliver and document services in a manner that achieves success for both the provider and recipient of CFC services. This session offers tips and tools a provider can use to support an individual to achieve person-centered goals and desired outcomes and will focus on applying person-centered thinking to developing a habilitation plan. Sample tools will be offered for volunteer use in a pilot.  Speakers: Mary Bishop, Person Centered Practices Coordinator, Policy and Program Development, Medicaid and CHIP Services Dept., HHSC; Kate Layman, Senior Policy Advisor, Long-Term Services and Supports, Policy and Program Development, Medicaid and CHIP Services Dept., HHSC;  Marjorie Costello, VP Corporate Relations DSSW/Lifespan/CDS in Texas  (1.5 contact hours continuing education for nurses; 1.5 clock hours HCSSA Administrators/Alternates)

1:00-2:30 pm  Concurrent Sessions:

4a. Achieving Pre-Claim Review Success; Insights from an Illinois Provider
Pre-Claim Review (PCR) has been a burden to home health agencies in Illinois and has forced changes in the way agencies do business. But there is hope! Agencies are achieving success with this process.  This presentation will be presented by an agency from Illinois who has achieved 100% affirmation.  You will receive information on basic PCR elements, strategies that work and practical ways to set up your processes so that submitting PCR successfully is achievable.  Attend this workshop and you will receive the information you need directly from an Illinois provider on how to achieve 100% affirmation.  Speaker: Cheryl Adams, RN, BSN, MBA, Administrator of At-Home Health Care, Illinois. (1.5 contact hours continuing education for nurses; 1.5 clock hours HCSSA Administrators/Alternates)

4b. Consumer Marketing that Makes Your Phone Ring!
Making the phones ring is key to getting those important in-home assessments and then welcoming new clients to your agency. The question on many agency owners' minds is, "How can we make the phones ring more?"  Attend this informative presentation to learn the marketing tips and tricks that are proven to make those phones ring AND turn those inquiries into clients.  Speaker: Merrily Orsini, President/CEO, corecubed (1.5 clock hours HCSSA Administrators/Alternates)

4c. STAR Kids Part I
Come hear a report from Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) about how things are going 3 months into the implementation of STAR Kids.  What kind of problems are they commonly seeing?  How can a provider “make it work” for their agency and succeed in meeting the challenges of prior authorizations and billing changes to accomplish a smooth transition? This workshop will feature speakers from HHSC directly involved in the transition and give attendees the opportunity to share the real-world challenges of STAR Kids transition.  Speaker: Jami Snyder, Associate Commissioner,  Medicaid and CHIP Services Department, HHS .  (1.5 clock hours HCSSA Administrators/Alternates)


2:45-4:15 pm      Concurrent Sessions:

5a. Home Health Value Based Purchasing
This session will provide a brief but detailed look into the workings of the Value Based Purchasing (VBP) Pilot and the updates to the Pilot.  While the pilot is currently only in nine states VBP will continue into the future for all states.  Agencies need to prepare themselves for the future of home health, which is quality of care and documented evidence to support that care and the resultant outcome.  If you are not in one of the nine states, but want to succeed a VBP future, join us for the needed insight.  Speaker: Melinda Gaboury, COS-C, Chief Executive Officer, Healthcare Provider Solutions, Inc. (1.5 contact hours continuing education for nurses; 1.5 clock hours HCSSA Administrators/Alternates)

5b. Conversations on End-of-Life Care for Home Health and Hospice
It’s time…for the challenging conversation about end-of-life care with your patient and their family. Whether it’s broaching the subject for the first time in a home health setting or continuing the conversation in a hospice setting, communication strategies for approaching what can be an emotionally charged conversation can be invaluable. Dr. Terri Eckert can help home health providers develop skills to recognize when the timing is right, help the patient to identify end-of-life goals, and facilitate valuable communication to develop trust between providers and their patients.  Speaker: Dr. Terri Eckert, Home Health & Hospice Medical Director, CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances Health System  (1.5 contact hours continuing education for nurses; 1.5 clock hours HCSSA Administrators/Alternates)

5c. 2:45-4:15 pm   STAR Kids Part II: MCO Panel 2017
TAHC&H has again assembled a Managed Care Organization panel to stand before provider agencies, take questions and advise on how agencies can work through problematic situations so common to pediatric home health participating in STAR Kids.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear straight from the MCOs!   Speaker Panel: Representatives from Managed Care Organizations (1.5 clock hours HCSSA