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Natl Home Health Anayltics

There is a lot of health care data out there.  Some of it is useful and some, well, not so much. What is sorely lacking for healthcare providers of all types is the ability to access same-source “apples-to-apples” transparent information that clearly defines the similarities and differences, the strengths and weaknesses if you will, between providers at the local, regional, and national levels. It’s the ability to discern even the most subtle cost and quality variance that can be the difference between success and extreme challenge. That’s where National Home Health Analytics comes in.  With NHHA, it is all about apples to apples transparency.  Hospital systems, ACO’s forward thinking physicians, and even your competitors want to know where you stand.  They need to know your vital signs.  Would you qualify as a post-acute care partner?

Report #10 - The Home Health Agency Information by Provider Counts Report - is one of several in the suite of Medical Claims Data reports offered by National Home Health Analytics – and TAHC&H Members can  get their copy at no charge!!  It provides a high level snapshot of information and metrics for agencies located in a selected geography.  The 2016 Texas statewide report includes information for all 2,401 Medicare certified agencies found in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) 2016 Standard Analytical File.

The report includes the individual agency name, physical address, phone number, Medicare Provider Number, and the county where the main office is located.  Among other measures, the report also details:

  • Each Agency’s Medicare Census at the beginning of calendar 2016.
  • The number of new Medicare Admissions for each agency during calendar 2016.
  • The count of unduplicated Medicare beneficiaries served by each agency during calendar 2016
  • The total number of Medicare episodes delivered by each agency during calendar 2016.
  • The average number of episodes delivered to each beneficiary (LOS) by each agency during calendar 2016.
  • The total number of visits delivered by each agency during 2016.

In addition to agency specific data, Report #10 also includes Texas and National totals/ benchmarks for each of the measures. 

It is worth noting that National Home Health Analytics also offers reports which detail, by agency, such metrics as Medicare Reimbursement, visits per episode, Medicare utilization, Medicare Advantage penetration by county, patient demographics (age, race, sex), detail on the number of ALF patients served, etc.  Also available is the Medicare Cost Report for each agency going back to 1999.  The data is updated quarterly with each claims data release by CMS.  As yourself these questions:

  1. What’s your Medicare cost per beneficiary?
  2. What does your admission stream look like?
  3. How is a length of stay?
  4. Where were your patients before home care?
  5. Are they mainly post-acute?
  6. Are a majority coming from a doctor’s office?

This is where National Home Health Analytics comes in – they maintain over 8 billion records including Medicare claims data and cost reports for every Post-Acute Care (PAC) provider nationwide.  They use the data to create transparent reports that clearly define who’s who among provider per county with data benchmarks at the local, state and national levels. 

NHHA’s InfoMAX online, interactive tool allows subscribers to quickly access Medicare data and generate numerous reports on home health utilization, patient demographics, costs and revenues, census trends, re-hospitalization rates, and much more. Data can be used to quantify utilization, identify missed or neglected populations and referral sources, better predict staffing needs and cash flow, build profiles of competitors and potential partners, compare revenues and costs across agencies, identify unusual data indicating potential fraud or abuse, and much more.  Reports are available to hospice, home health, nursing facility, Accountable Care Organizations and hospital clients, and their Essential Physician Reports on which physicians patients were served by which agency, and how much Medicare reimbursed the agency for that care. 




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