About Us

TAHC&H is a highly respected trade association at the state and national levels. It maintains a dedicated leadership and committed expert staff to serve the industry and its members. The association relies on a strategic plan to set a course and monitor progress.

As an association, TAHC&H has championed the collective interests of Texas home care and hospice agencies, organizations, and individual professionals since its founding in 1969. TAHC&H headquarters are located in Austin, Texas, where they work to give home care and hospice providers a strategic pathway to key state lawmakers and health care regulators.  Its mission joins together member organizations and individuals in a shared commitment to every citizen in need of quality, affordable in home services.

  • Mission Statement:   The mission of the Texas Association for Home Care & Hospice (TAHC&H) is to advocate for ethical practices, quality, and economic viability of licensed home care and hospice providers to enhance the well-being of individuals and their families throughout Texas.
  • Vision Statement:  Advancing Home Care and Hospice as the Leading Solution for Safe and Innovative Health Care
  • Values Statement:   Leadership • Inclusion • Integrity • Trust • Excellence • Innovation


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