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RCD Chats / Webinars: 
RCD Chats go live March 10th!

With the start of RCD on March 2nd, TAHC&H is here to discuss the challenges of roll out and relay any barriers to successful affirmations with Palmetto GBA.  We are offering RCD Chats (free for members), starting March 10th, 12:00-1:30pm, to help problem solve and identify issues that require Palmetto or CMS intervention. 

For our first live chat, we will also have Illinois Executive Director Sara Ratcliffe and Illinois Association President Cheryl Adams on the phone to assist.  Don’t miss this first chat after RCD roll out and future chats (free for members) to ensure you are always on top of changes as they occur.   

Each registration is for one connection only.

Cost:  Free!
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RCD - Make an Informed Decision (PPT)