50th Annual Meeting Handouts

Tuesday, August 27

8 am - 1:05 pm:          Committee & Board Meetings

1:15-6 pm:                  Pre-Conference

TRACK I:  Medicare Home Health

1a. PDGM – Changes Can Not Start Soon Enough!
2a. Managing Utilization under PDGM with Star Ratings in Mind
3a. Episode Management in PDGM: What’s Your PLAN?

 TRACK II: Centric Management for ALL Provider Types

1b. Refocus to SUCCEED
2b. Minimizing the Burden of Employment Management
3b. Technology Revolution in Home Care

Wednesday, August 28

7:15 am - 8:30 am:          Jump Start Session: I Threw Away My Superhero Cape

9 am - 11 am:                  Opening Ceremonies & Keynote: Experience the Extraordinary (no handouts for this session)

11:15 am-12:30 pm:      Breakout Sessions

4a. Setting Sail with Start of Care: Getting it Right from Intake through Admission
4b. Smart Agencies: Building a Future-Forward Sales Strategy
4c. Growing your Private Duty Agency through Community Outreach
4d. The Impact of Medical Cannabis On Home Health & Hospice

2 pm - 3:30 pm:             Breakout Sessions

5a. Taking the Bull by the Horns: Understanding & Implementing the Comprehensive Assessment, CoPs, & Care Coordination in Effective Care Management
5b. Hospice Regulatory Compliance: Certifications of Terminal Illness/Election/Comprehensive Assessment
5c. Unleash the Motivational Leader in You
5d. Designing a Comprehensive Self-Directed Care Model

3:45 pm - 5:15 pm:        Breakout Sessions

6a. Audit-Proofing Your Medicare Documentation
6b. Rethinking Wound Care & Pressure Ulcer Prevention
6c. TAHC&H Business Meeting (materials available for members at business mtg)

Thursday, August 29

9 am - 10:15 am:           General Session: Connecting Past, Present & Future for Excellence in Home-Based Care

11 am - 12:15 pm:         Breakout Sessions

7a. The Clinical Grouper: ICD-10 Coding in PDGM
7b. Compliance Concerns with Hiring Hiring New Staff: Most Common Pitfalls
7c. EVV Compliance: 2019 and the Future, Part 1
7d. Tips for Drafting Hospice Contracts with Nursing Facilities

1:45 pm-3 pm:               Breakout Sessions

8a. Lessons Learned: First 7 Months of OASIS-D
8b. Hacking Google Analytics
8c. EVV Compliance: 2019 and the Future, Part 2
8d. From Hospice Referral to Discharge – How to Mitigate Your Risk and Collect Your Money

3:15pm-4:45pm:          Breakout Sessions

9a. Complying with the Medicare Conditions of Participation: How to Avoid Top Survey Citations
9b. Caregiver Recruitment and Retention Best Practices in a Changing Landscape (pending submission)
9c. What to Expect from an OIG investigation
9d. Pain Management 101: Opioids, Alternatives, Complications & Beyond  in Palliative Medicine and Hospice