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Session Descriptions  
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Wednesday, February 12

8:15-9:15 am          A. New Frontiers in Home Care Advocacy 

Everywhere one looks in-home care, it is apparent that transformational reform is underway. January 1st is the start of a new frontier in-home care that will have a significant impact on your business.  Medicare is beginning a completely transformed payment model, Medicaid is moving nationally to managed care, Medicare Advantage can now offer expanded home care services, regulators are initiating new pilot programs and requirements and Private Pay home care is seeing record growth and demand.  This panel of State and National Home Care Leaders will discuss these unprecedented reforms, how the home care industry can capitalize on these changes to optimize home care advocacy and review the positive home care landscape of the future that through effective influence and advocacy can become the first choice in the new frontier of health care at home. 

Speakers: Hans Rickhoff, Esq., Senior Counsel, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP; Rachel Hammon, BSN, RN, Executive Director, TAHC&H (1.00 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates)

9:30-10:45am   CONCURRENT SESSIONS.............................................................................................................................................................     
1a. The Four Steps to Creating an Award-Winning Culture
In today’s competitive market, having a strong workplace culture is a must! Statistics show that a company's culture has a direct impact on success, yet many leaders struggle with knowing how to create a healthy culture within their organization. During this session, you'll learn a proven leadership model that has helped organizations across the country to improve their company culture. Through real-life examples and stories, you'll learn four steps that will lead you to award-winning results. Speaker: Tim Burningham, President and Principal Consultant of The Center for Company Culture (1.25 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates)

1b. Clinical Documentation: Strategies to Improve Clinician Engagement and Accountability 
In the face of RCD, PDGM and higher penalty surveys/audits, a leader's response with effective actionable items to correct deficient clinical documentation is even more critical. How do you engage your clinicians to initiate improvements and follow-through in documentation practice to correct noted deficiencies? Take away three different approaches from the typical blanket educate and audit tactics using data, impact feedback and leadership strategies.

Speakers: Kimberly Searcy Gunter, BSN, MSN, RN, HCS-O, HCS-D, CDI-P | Director HH/Hospice Documentation Improvement, Corridor Group;
Nick Dobrzelecki, RN, BSN, Senior VP of Coding Services, Corridor Group (1.25 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates; 1.25 contact hours Continuing Nursing Education)

1c. Mergers, Acquisitions and Strategic Partnerships in the New Frontier of Home Care and Hospice 
The biggest change in home health and hospice payments since the Prospective Payment System (PPS) in 2000 will be implemented on January 1, 2020. The Patient Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) is sure to be a game-changer for the way agencies are operated and care is provided in the home. This session will discuss how PDGM is affecting the mergers and acquisitions market of home health and hospice agencies, what the valuation drivers are and the impact on budget, cash flow, growth and sustainability. Speaker: Brian Bruenderman, Partner and Executive Vice President, Stoneridge Partners (1.25 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates)

1d. Legal Decisions and Care Options for Medically Complex Individuals Transitioning Medicaid Programs
This session is a panel discussion of experts on legal decisions and care options for teens and young adults with disabilities who are aging out of pediatric Medicaid programs. Each person’s rights for personal autonomy, liberty, freedom and dignity is one that is to be respected and supported. By law, each adult or emancipated minors presumed to be competent to make decisions for him/herself. Many families need guidance and education to navigate this pathway successfully with their loved one. Knowing what options are available to families for their loved ones is a difficult path to manage, but with the information provided in this session, agency leaders will know what resources are available and how to guide families to the legal path that is best for them. Speakers: Terry Anstee, Staff Attorney, Disability Rights Texas; Courtney Carey, MS, QIDP, TxCG, Director of Provider Services - Denton County MHMR Center, Travis Weaver, JD, The Weaver Firm
(1.25 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates; 1.25 contact hours Continuing Nursing Education)

11:00am-12:30pm   CONCURRENT SESSIONS.............................................................................................................................................................
2a. New Frontiers in HR Software Solutions
While agencies are facing precedent changes with Policy and Procedures, they may not realize the benefit of leveraging software to their advantage. Using HCM technology to drive profitable growth is the primary way to leverage your agency’s greatest asset-- your people. This session will provide insight into utilizing technology to enhance your businesses and drive profitability. It will help you make operational processes make sense in a fun, enjoyable way.

Speaker: Shelby Betts, Whirks, Formally Patrick Payroll (1.50 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates)

2b. What's New in Star Plus?

The Texas Medicaid Star+Plus program, is a managed care program worth nearly $10 billion in premium revenue for managed care organizations and serves nearly 525,000 seniors and people who are blind and disabled.  In October 2019, Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) announced that after a competitive procurement, HHSC intends to award new contracts 13 different service areas for the STAR+PLUS product.

Don’t miss your opportunity to hear directly from HHSC staff who will provide an update for all of Texas Managed Care products, give you a preview of any changes related to the re-procurement and report on any upcoming legislative and policy initiatives.  Invited Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) including Superior, Molina, United, Amerigroup have also confirmed to participate in a panel discussion to talk through changes and respond to your questions!

Speaker:Sylvia Salvato, HHSC, Manager, Policy & Program Development, Medicaid and CHIP Services Department; Representatives from MCOs
(1.50 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates)

2c. Making Data Your Cutting Edge Tool for Success
In this time of dramatic economic change in-home care, agencies must be on the cutting edge of innovation to strategically position their agency for long term financial success. Geographic information systems and data analysis are cutting edge tools that are underutilized in the field of healthcare. In this presentation, we will talk about techniques, programs and uses for your data and how to make data-driven decisions for future growth. Speaker: David Sabol, Helping Restore Ability; Girish Shelke, Helping Restore Ability. (1.50 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates)

2d. Creating a Profitable Dementia Service Line: "Cracking the Code on Dementia Care"
Dementia is a silver tsunami with almost 14 million Americans expected to be diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease by 2050. Providing safe and effective home care for these clients requires not only a different caregiver skill set but also additional administrative support. This session will teach how to successfully implement a Dementia-specific service line. In addition, we will conclude our session with a thought-provoking discussion regarding Medicare Advantage plans and homecare’s role in delivering quality care to the plan’s members. Speakers: Bob Roth, Managing Partner, Cypress HomeCare Solutions; Michelle Cornelius-Toft, Director of Memory Care Programs at Cypress HomeCare Solutions and Program Specialist for Honor Care Network ( 1.50 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates; 1.50 contact hours Continuing Nursing Education)    

12:30pm-1:30pm       Lunch (included in registration)

1:30-3:00pm   CONCURRENT SESSIONS.............................................................................................................................................................         
3a. HIPAA Compliance for Home Care Providers

HIPAA – OCR will be providing an overview of key elements of the Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules.   OCR will focus on the general requirements for protecting and securing health information in a time when covered entities adopt new technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care.   In addition, OCR will provide a brief summary of enforcement activities. 

Speakers: Valerie Montoya, Equal Opportunity Specialist-Investigator, OCR-DHHS/OS(1.50 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates; 1.50 contact hours Continuing Nursing Education)

3b. Understanding UMCC Standards and MCO Responsibilities

What is the UMCC? The UMCC is the Uniform Managed Care Contract that governs Texas Medicaid and CHIP Managed Care Services.  In this session providers will learn why it’s so important to understand the States’ contract which sets forth the terms and conditions for Health Plans participating in Texas Medicaid Managed Care, administered by HHSC.  Don’t miss this opportunity to hear HHSC staff discuss key sections of the UMCC, its standards and MCO responsibilities so that you know what standards the MCO’s must meet and why they may require certain processes for providers. 

Speakers: Sylvia Salvato, HHSC, Manager, Policy & Program Development, Medicaid and CHIP Services Department  (1.5 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates)

3c. Creating a QAPI Culture of Leadership in Hospice
Developing a culture of leadership, based in a robust QAPI program, can take your agency to the next level, inspiring your team, increasing admissions and improving compliance. Participants will develop an understanding of the regulatory requirements for hospice QAPI programs, discuss the impact that quality has on their organization and teams and understand how to develop a meaningful and compliant culture of leadership. From interviewing new employees to ensuring that each patient and family receive exceptional care, identifying, implementing and empowering leaders within your organization, with a shared mission and vision, participants will leave with ideas on how to develop a culture of leadership in their own agency. Speaker: Zaundra Ellis,  Hospice Product Manager, Axxess (1.50 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates; 1.50 contact hours Continuing Nursing Education)

3d. Create a Marketing Plan Using Specialty Programs

Increasing private duty market share requires agencies to demonstrate value to multiple referral sources to include patients and families! By training caregivers on specialty programs, agencies are able to grow revenue streams while at the same time providing career ladders for caregivers- thus creating a win- win for private duty!  This presentation will discuss seven private duty specialty programs with associated marketing plans. Attendees will walk away with actionable items to grow their private duty business!
Speaker: Tammy Ross, Senior VP of Professional Services, AXXESS

Continuing Education: 1.50 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates

3:15-4:30pm   CONCURRENT SESSIONS.............................................................................................................................................................
4a. Civil Rights Training for Home Care Providers

HHSC will present a colorful presentation on Civil Rights including an overview of the civil rights obligations of covered entities regarding the nondiscrimination laws enforced by the HHS-Office for Civil Rights. There will be home care specific discussion in regards to laws that prohibit discrimination on the bases of race, color, national origin, disability, age, sex, religion, and the exercise of conscience by recipients of Federal financial assistance from HHS. Speakers: Valerie Montoya, Equal Opportunity Specialist-Investigator, OCR-DHHS/OS

(1.25 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates; 1.25 contact hours Continuing Nursing Education)

4b. Working Through the Complaint Process with Medicaid Managed Care

Join key HHSC staff, for a robust discussion of the complaint process related to Texas Medicaid Managed Care Organizations. Every wonder what happens when you lodge a complaint with HHS? What if an MCO states they did not receive your complaint, then what? What are agency’s rights and the MCO’s timelines for follow up on a complaint? This session will address these questions and many more common issues experienced by providers when lodging complaints both with MCOs and HHSC. Don’t miss your opportunity to interface directly with HHSC on this important topic.
Agencies will find this session extremely helpful with HHSC explaining the process for the complaint process and how to handle with the MCOs. HHSC will provide guidance on the steps and timeframes to assist agencies with completing a complaint and will also advise on agency rights when filing complaints. 

Speakers: Camisha D. Banks, CTCM, Director of Provider and Client Services, Managed Care Compliance and Operations, Medicaid and CHIP Services; Michael Osborne, Senior Manager, Medicaid and CHIP Services (1.25 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates)

4c. They Keep Asking for My Money Back - How to Calculate Your Proportional CAP
In 2012 CMS changed the Hospice Cap method of calculation for all new providers and those who chose not to grandfather themselves. This presentation will discuss and give you the calculation method to determine your patient count and compare to the revenue you are billing to Medicare to see if you are within limits or have to pay money back. Speaker: Jill Schuerman, Founder and CEO, Schuerman Business Consulting, LLC (1.25 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates; 1.25 contact hours Continuing Nursing Education)

4d. OASIS-D1: Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make
The home health industry is in the middle of a reimbursement change from volume to value. The metrics which define success are changing. Margins in-home care have been reduced and therapy, like nursing, is now a cost center. Showing good outcomes has never been more important. Getting your OASIS correct at the SOC is the key to your agency’s reimbursement and outcomes. In this session, we will review the most common mistakes we see agencies making around the country and changes agencies need to be aware of from OASIS D to OASIS-D1, including the new functional score calculations and the use of the equal sign. Speakers: Kristi Bajer, BSN, RN, COS-C, VP of Clinical Operations, OperaCare LLC; (1.25 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates; 1.25 contact hours Continuing Nursing Education)

Thursday, February 13

5a. RCD Countdown - Solidify Your Agency Operations

The RCD Countdown is coming to a close and Texas is next in line with implementation on March 2nd, 2020.  With Illinois and Ohio already started, Texas is in a better position to benefit from those that have gone before us.  TAHC&H has partnered with Palmetto GBA to ensure you get the latest information related to RCD transition and implementation requirements before agencies must “go live”.  Learn how to make this transition a smooth one as Palmetto GBA will review navigating the eServices system, provide education on RCD within the agency’s operations, including policy and procedure changes, documentation tips and highlighting a timetable on what to expect and when. Don’t miss your opportunity to ensure you are fully prepared before RCD rolls out!

Speaker: Charles Canaan, Provider Outreach and Education, Palmetto GBA  (1.50 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates; 1.50 contact hours Continuing Nursing Education)

6a. Implementation Strategies for RCD in the New World of PDGM

With the implementation of RCD March 2nd, providers in Texas must be able to adapt quickly and move from implementing PDGM in January to implementing RCD in March.  Illinois and Ohio have gone before us and have valuable experience to share with Texas agencies.  This session will feature Executive Director, Sara Ratcliffe, from the Illinois Homecare and Hospice Council, who has been on the front line of advocacy with CMS and Palmetto GBA, who will discuss their ongoing advocacy and problem solving around RCD along with Cheryl Adams, RN, BSN, MBA, Administrator, At-Home HealthCare of Sparta Community Hospital, who will share her agency’s techniques that have helped her to achieve a better than 100% affirmation rate. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from experience and ensure your success. 

Speakers: Cheryl Adams, RN, BSN, MBA, Administrator, At-Home HealthCare of Sparta Community Hospital; Sara Ratcliffe, Executive Director, Illinois Home Care & Hospice Council (1.50 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates; 1.50 contact hours Continuing Nursing Education)

11:45am-1:00pm    Lunch

7a. Anatomy of the Cash Crunch; Solutions for Home Health Challenges with PDGM – Part 1
The new cash reality under PDGM has home health agencies eager to determine if their well-laid plans have created effective change to strengthen clinical and financial operations. Gain insight on the vital parts and pieces to improve performance with the new payment requirements. From revenue validation to organizational processes, Ron Barrera will diagnose and provide a treatment plan to manage cash flow and achieve greater efficiency. Speaker: Ron Barrera, Managing Director, Simione Healthcare Consultants (1.50 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates; 1.50 hours Continuing Nursing Education)

8a. Anatomy of the Cash Crunch; Solutions for Home Health Challenges with PDGM – Part 2

The new financial realities under PDGM require home health agencies to look closely at clinical operations and make accommodations that will uphold quality, including care alternatives that add value to the equation.  Laura Wilson will share insights for teams, team leaders and case managers based on the findings of gap analyses to help organizations make a successful transition under the new requirements. Speaker: Laura Wilson, RN, BSN, COS-C, Senior Manager, Operations Consultant, Simione Healthcare Consultants LLC (1.75 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates; 1.75 contact hours Continuing Nursing Education)

5b. Using Technology to Optimize Home Care Staffing Resources
Many Texas home health agencies are currently dealing with a staffing shortage and also anticipating a greater health workforce shortage in the coming years. Employee churn – which can lead to canceled/rescheduled appointments and undermine an agency’s ability to take on new patients – can lead to a breakdown in the continuum of care, weaker overall outcomes, and an increased risk of readmissions. Learn how implementing a virtual care platform can help your agency better utilize in-demand specialists and available staff while being able to provide better – meaning, more timely and higher quality – care to their patients. Speaker: AnnaMaria Turano,VP Marketing, SYNZI; Dave I. Davis, RN-BC, BSN, MA, ACRN, Chief Clinical Innovation Officer, AccentCare (1.50 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates; 1.50 contact hours Continuing Nursing Education)

6b. Cyber Related Threats and Managing the Risks
In the new reality of quickly evolving technology, risks are on the rise. Cyber breaches in the last nine years have resulted in over 2,500 healthcare data breaches involving 500 or more records. Data breaches and the resulting regulatory and legal actions have escalated in healthcare with penalties reaching in the multi-millions. Learn about the common areas of vulnerability, the impact of data loss, and risk mitigation strategies to help protect your organization Speakers: Ricky Smith, Innovative Business Technologies (1.50 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates; 1.50 contact hours Continuing Nursing Education)

11:45am-1:00pm    Lunch

7b. Data Vs. Insights: How Business Intelligence (BI) Tools Improve Outcomes and Operational Efficiencies
The shift to electronic medical records, digital systems, and cloud computing has made capturing and compiling large amounts of data much easier. However, despite having large amounts of data, providers are generally faced with the challenge of not knowing how to leverage the data beyond basic reporting. Moreover, in the home and community care sector in particular, visit, operational information, and clinical data is often stored in paper format -- or if is it digital, resides in siloed databases. These system deficiencies make it near impossible to gain a holistic view of operations and eliminates the ability to “pivot” data. The catalyst for this change is to be obsessed about data-driven decision making. The rise of business intelligence (BI) is unlocking actionable insights that will dramatically improve home and community care organizations. Speaker: Brady Murphy, Sales & Marketing, AlayaCare (1.50 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates)

8b. Connected Home – The Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Since the dawn of the new millennium, nearly every aspect of our lives has been transformed by technology.  Emerging developments in patient support technologies – from dedicated devices to applications that transform phones and other commonplace items in the home and community into interconnected systems – are transforming the way that patients are beginning to think about healthcare.  This session will introduce you to some of these options and how to use to your benefit. Harnessing the power of new technology and supporting data-powered insights will be critical to powering a 21st-century healthcare system that responds to the desires and expectations of patients and their caregivers and delivers on optimal health care outcomes.

Speakers: Sherl Brand, RN, BSN, Senior VP Strategic Solutions, CareCentrix; Jon Terenzetti (1.50 clock hours continuing education for Administrators/Alternates;  1.50 contact hours Continuing Nursing Education)





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