TAHC&H Career Center

One of the most daunting tasks any company has is to find employees and expand their team.  And as you probably know...a good employee is hard to find.

So where do you go to search for excellent employees when they are a scarce commodity?  What do other agencies do to find qualified individuals?  Many resort to searching desperately, and it’s not enough to just have open jobs and an email address on a company career page.


One way to assist is to use the TAHC&H Career Center – a premier electronic recruitment resource of the industry.


Here employers and recruiters can access the most qualified talent pool with relevant work experience to fulfill staffing needs. Target your recruiting and reach qualified candidates quickly and easily.


Free to TAHC&H Members for 30 days – or receive a large discount and take your search nationwide on the National Healthcare Career Network.

Free Career Center


Click here – register a unique agency username and password (different than your TAHC&H un/pw) and start using this free member services today!