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2021 Legislative Session

Welcome to the TAHC&H Resource Center on the 2021 Texas Legislative Session! You will find information on the 87th Legislature, bills relevant to home care, grassroots advocacy, and weekly updates from our lobby team. We encourage all providers to reach out to their legislators this session to spread the message that home care is the leading solution for health care.
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The list is the TAHC&H bill tracking list.  We follow these bills closely and will keep members informed of their impacts via our member exclusive community forums

Bills to Watch

HB 1 Bonnen, Greg (R) – General Appropriations Bill for fiscal year 2022-2023

Rider 145 - creates a quality initiative payment program for community care providers

HB 290 Cortez, Philip(D) Relating to the period of continuous eligibility for the medical assistance program.

HB 326 Howard, Donna(D) Relating to workplace violence prevention in certain health care facilities.

HB 797 Howard, Donna(D) Relating to allowing home and hospice agencies to administer certain vaccines.

HB 4 (SB 412 Buckingham, Dawn (R)) Price, Four (R) - Relating to Telemedicine, Telehealth and technology related health care services

HB 941 Raymond, Richard (D) Creates a work group to study uniform quality measures under a value-based program for long-term services and supports.

SB 5 Nicolas, Robert (R) Expands broadband services to certain areas of the state

SB 437 Blanco, Cesar (D) Creates an personal protective equipment advisory committee that includes a representative of home care and hospice

HB 3044 Howard, Donna (D) Requires HCSSAs to use the secure site of DPS for background checks

HB 3146 Ortega, Lina (D) HHSC will produce a study and report on the continuity of home health services during the COVID-19 pandemic

HB 3441 Hinojosa, Gina (D) Requires timely claims payments (within 10 days)  in the Medicaid managed care program

SB 431 Hinojosa, Chuy (D) Includes 10 claims processing and payment to providers under Medicaid

Legislative Materials

Legislative Visits
All providers should reach out to the State Representatives and State Senators where you reside and operate. Bring information on your agency, the informational sheets, and talking points. To find your legislator click here! Be sure to tell TAHC&H about a legislative visit!

Action Alerts
Call your legislators today - it's so easy using our TAHC&H action center!

Public Events
Deadlines for legislative action: Dates of Interest

Testify at key committee hearings to speak directly to lawmakers tasked with formulating health policy and appropriating funds for Medicaid services. The templates and video archives below will be helpful in developing your testimony and ensuring a cohesive message.

Texas Senate Finance Committee Webpage & Hearings
Texas Senate Health & Human Services Webpage & Hearings
Texas House Webpage & Hearings

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Get tips below on how to be an effective grassroots advocate!

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We encourage everyone to send us pictures or videos of home care in action, your staff at community events, or meetings with public officials. TAHC&H will use these visuals in our communications (e-mail, social media, website) to showcase the importance of health care at home. We want to share how TAHC&H and its members are impacting the industry and changing the world!






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